Need a shed or a tiny home?  Use this lofted cottage for either.  Add flair to an otherwise standard shed with shutters and two windows will let in plenty of sunshine.  With an array of flowers planted around the edge, your beautiful, lofted cottage can be a home away from home.  Standard Features: Double Doors, Overhead loft, Gambrel roof, 2 windows with shutters

Siding:          Roof Color: Hickery     Siding Color: Quaker Tan       Trim Color: Cream        Shutter Color: Red


Sharpen up your cabin with an old-style gambrel roof.  The porch provides an ideal place to curl up with a good book or fire up the BBQ grill and invite the neighbors.  Double doors in the back keep the cabin multipurpose.  Take advantage of all the cabin has to offer.  Standard Features:  36" Prehung Door, Double Door in back, Overhead Loft, Gambrel roof, 3 windows with shutters, Octagon Gable Window

14' X 36'  Lofted Garage      Serial #8105     Total Investment $15,475.55

8' X 8'  Utility Coop      Serial #8220     Total Investment $3,198.23

Sheds we have in Stock

Siding: Painted Smart Side          Roof Color: Weatherwood        Siding Color: Reihl Blue         Trim Color: White        Shutter Color: None

10' X 16' Garden Shed      Serial #7684     Total Investment $4,901.96

Siding: Urethane Smart Side         Roof Color: Blue Metal    Siding Color: Driftwood      Trim Color: White       Shutter Color: None

Declutter your backyard with this practical utility shed.  Taller sidewalls provide plenty of room for shelves along the edges.  Maximize the use of double doors and store large utility equipment for easy access.  Standard Features shown.  Double Doors, 4/12 roof pitch

Siding: Urethane Smart Side          Roof Color: Charcoal       Siding Color: Driftwood         Trim Color: White        Shutter Color: None

10' X 16'  Quaker      Serial #9565     Total Investment $5,893.67

All the assets of a classic storage barn and more!  Greatly increase your storage capacity with an added overhead loft.  Store large equipment with no trouble using the standard double doors.  Standard Features:  Double Doors, Overhead Loft, Octagon Gable Window, Gambrel Roof

8' X 10' Garden Shed      Serial #8297     Total Investment $3,101.09

Siding: Urethane Smart Side         Roof Color: Shakewood    Siding Color: Chestnut     Trim Color: Peg. Tan       Shutter Color: Brown


Add charm to your garden with the Quaker shed's artful construction.  Transom windows in the doors add character, while shutters brighten the windows.  Adding interest with an offset peak roof will fit right into your garden design.  Standard Features: Double Doors with Transom Windows, 6/12 Pitch Roof, 2 Windows with Shutters


10' X 16' Utility  Shed      Serial #10565     Total Investment $4,797.35

12' X 24'  Lofted Garage      Serial #6M     Total Investment $10,156.44

12' X 28'  Garage     Serial #8093     Total Investment $10,411.33

With its quaint gambrel roof, this barn brings a flare of country charm to any backyard setting.  The double doors offer easy access to your lawn mower or other large equipment.  If you are looking for a simple, economical shed, this is the perfect choice.  Standard Features: Double Doors, 4' Sidewalls, Gambrel roof


Set up a mini vacation home with easy!  Have a cabin delivered in time for your next getaway.  Breath in crisp country air while feasting on a delicious breakfast on your front porch swing.  When the day is over, crawl up to the loft to rest your weary head.  Standard features: 36" Prehung door, Double Doors in Back, Overhead Loft, 3 windows with shutters, Octagon Gable Window, 6/12 roof pitch. 

Siding: Metal        Roof Color: Metal Charcoal    Siding Color: Light Gray     Trim Color: Charcoal       Shutter Color: None

Exercise your inner green thumb.  Swing open the side doors of this garden shed and let in the fresh air.  Sunlight flooding through the window allows potted plants to thrive inside.  Spruce up your garden and store supplies in this multipurpose shed! Standard features: Double Wood Doors, 4/12 roof pitch, 1 Window. 


Enhance any backyard with this lofted garage stellar design!  Free up some space by using loft storage in the back half of the shed.  Don't let your yard become an eyesore.  Utilize this building for many different storage purposes.  Standard Features: 9'x7' Garage Door, 36" Prehung Door, Heavy Duty Floor, Overhead Loft on back Half, Gambrel roof, 1 Window, Octagon Gable Window

Siding: Painted Smart Side         Roof Color: Hickory    Siding Color: Peg. Tan      Trim Color: Quaker Tan       Shutter Color: None

Siding: Painted Smart Side          Roof Color: Charcoal         Siding Color: Red          Trim Color: White        Shutter Color: None

Perfect for storage, office space, garden tools, potting sheds, and more.  Pick the size that works best for you.  Design your shed to fit your backyard with size, colors, and options and enjoy a custom made shed that is perfect for you! 

8' X 10' Quaker     Serial #9481     Total Investment $3,538.76


An A-Frame with one Dormer. Overhead Loft and open Cathedral Ceiling in Dormer area. 1 Single Transom Door and 1 Double Transom Door. 2 Windows with Shutters.

Siding: Painted Smart Side         Roof Color: Charcoal    Siding Color: Red     Trim Color: White      Shutter Color: None

10' X 16' Garden Shed      Serial #7684     Total Investment $4,901.96

Siding: Urethane Smart Side         Roof Color: Weatherwood    Siding Color: Driftwood       Trim Color: Pequae Tan        Shutter Color: Dark Brown

Included is: 6' Ramp (not Pictured) - Double Doors - 2 Brown Windows - Gable End Overhangs 

10' X 16' Lofted Cottage     Serial #10196   Total Investment $6,178.69

Tired of scraping ice and snow off your vehicle?  Anything that fits through the 9'x 7' door will be protected from rain, snow, or damaging UV rays.  A heavy-duty floor stands up against all kinds of wear, and be sure to fit out your garage with a work bench or shelving to maximize its potential.  Standard Features: 9'x7' Garage Door, 36" Prehung Door, Heavy Duty Floor, 1 Window, 4/12 Roof Pitch.


Siding: Painted Smart Side          Roof Color: Charcoal         Siding Color: White          Trim Color: Black       Shutter Color: Black

10' X 18'  A-Frame Lofted Cabin      Serial #7798     Total Investment $8,161.04


Siding: Painted Smart Side          Roof Color: Charcoal         Siding Color: Gap Gray          Trim Color: White        Shutter Color: None

How about some farm fresh eggs, straight from your very own backyard!  Or maybe the kids would be excited to have a 4-H project.  Raising chickens is a perfect family solution for learning responsibility or allowing us to be closer to nature.  Standard Features: 3' Single Door, 2 Windows, Predator Proof Screen Door, 4 Hole Nest Box, Chicken Door with Ramp, Ventilation Door, Double Roost, Bubble Insulation under Roof



A-Frame and Lofted. Double Transom Doors. 2 Single pane windows with Shutters.

10' X 16' Landcaster     Serial #10318    Total Investment $6,793.57