It can end up very costly to neglect your roof. Because of this you should inspect your roof on a regular basis to ensure that there is no damage. When you inspect, there are a few important areas that you should make sure to inspect that will let you know whether your roof requires maintenance or replacement. Here are some of the most important things to look at when you inspect you roof.

Inspecting Your Shingles or Metal
One easy form of inspection that you can perform is to simply take a close look at your roof. If you have missing or damaged shingles, then you are more likely than not to need a new roof installed.

Other Roof Damage
The roof can be damaged by bad weather, leaves laying in the eves or even small branches falling on them. Small branches falling on them can cause small holes in the roof. Small holes are hard to find. We suggest going into the attic and use a candle to check for drafts. When the flame from the candle starts to flicker you have probably found a hole.

Slanted Roof
Take a good look at the levelness of your roof. Is slanting or has a dip in it. This is damage that may be critical. This happens when water has Leaked into the wooden sheeting and or into wooden beams of the roof. The roof at this point is very unstable and weak. The roof needs to be strip down and all damaged wooden sheeting or beams replaced, and a new roofing installed.

Why do we not give roof replacement estimates without seeing your roof? The roofing material and square footage is not the only things to consider. There are other factors that will impact your new roof long term life.  You would be surprised how many companies give you a good Quote and after starting the job will say we need to upcharge because we did not know that your (name any key component) would need replaced.  After we start if we find a key component that is in need of replacement, that we did not know about, well  that's on us not you.    

What shingles do you want?
10-year, 25-year or 50-year Guaranteed.  Or would you prefer Metal Roofing?  
To be honest we recommend Metal Roofing as it is a VERY cost efficient HIGH Quality product, but are more than happy to install what you as the home owner wants.

Also, key components to take into consideration of your Roof Replacement. Some or all of these components may also need replaced.
The Deck
Drip Edge
Starter Strip
Hips and Ridge Caps